Helium Inflatables range from blimps. spheres, product replicas and characters. Helium blimps are popular for the promotion of your event or product together with providing a great location marker to enable your customers to find you! Helium Blimps are typically 6 metres in length and can be raised up to 60m above ground. In Your Face Media can work with you from the design phase to the build, supply, installation and, if required, staff training or full management during the period of the requirement. Helium inflatables can be deployed multiple times, making them an economic solution for your advertising needs. In Your Face Media can also assist with the necessary  permissions that could be required for deploying helium inflatables in either congested areas or within controlled airspace.


Helium spheres are a perfect solution for indoor exhibitions for that stand-out exposure. Spheres can also be cold-air filled and suspended from a ceiling. Spheres can also be internally illuminated making them perfect for evening events.

Zygote (crowd-surf) Balls are proving to be very popular for night-time events where large crowds are present. These are internally illuminated and can also be branded, if required.

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Contact In Your Face Media for your advertising requirements. Events and Festivals are our speciality. We can provide an enormous range of products to promote your brand, event or company. Check our Photo Galleries for examples.

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