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In Your Face Media Limited draws on over 30 years of advertising and marketing experience for a multitude of clients, both national and multi-national.

Events and Festivals a speciality

Whether you have a short-term or long-term advertising requirement 

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In Your Face Media specialises in advertising and promotions using a variety of high-impact platforms, limited only by your imagination.

We strive to provide the maximum exposure for our clients whether it be ground-based / aerial advertising or media generation using photographic or videographic systems.

Contact us on +353 (0)46 9483436 to discuss your requirements.

  • Cold-Air and Helium Inflatables: Designs only limited by your imagination

  • Aerial Advertising: Hot Air Balloons, Airships, Helium Blimps and Spheres

  • Exhibition displays: Helium or air-filled spheres, shapes, columns, optionally illuminated internally

  • Inflatable Structures: Gazebos, sampling booths, buildings and stages

  • Videography & Photography: Aerial and ground-based videography and photography


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Contact In Your Face Media for your advertising requirements. Events and Festivals are our speciality. We can provide an enormous range of products to promote your brand, event or company. Check our Photo Galleries for examples.

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